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Duplicate Car Paperwork 


What do you do if your car papers are lost, stolen or put in the rubbish or washing machine by mistake or even if your dog takes a fancy to your driving licence? A lot of people who have been in these situations immediately panic but there really is no need.

Lost Car Documents


Insurance Policy

If this document is lost, stolen or misplaced, it is probably the most simple to replace. Most Insurers will issue a duplicate in these circumstances, free of charge, by just calling them, although some require a signed declaration of loss or a denuncia in the case of theft.


Ficha Técnica

In this case you must first make an appointment for an ITV, regardless of whether the car currently has an in date ITV. You will need to go to the ITV station and the car will pass through the normal procedure for a test with the addition of a chassis rubbing being made by the test station employee. You will be asked to confirm details of the registered owner and depending on which station you attend may have to fill out a form for their records.

Once you have completed the test you have to revisit the office where you will be given a paper confirming that the car currently has an in date ITV and that duplicate paperwork is in process. This document must be kept in the car at all time andshould be shown to the police should you be stopped or if you have an accident. It is important that you do this as quickly as possible after the loss/theft as the duplicate Ficha Técnica can take anything from three to six weeks or sometimes longer to be processed by Industria and the ITV station. You will then have to return to the station to collect this document along with the windscreen sticker.


Permiso de circulación

Once you have obtained the duplicate Ficha Técnica you can apply at Tráfico for a duplicate permiso de circulación for the car. You need to pay the appropriate fee, provide the original of your Passport, Residencia and or /NIE , Certificado de Empadronmiento ( if your address has changed)  and a duplicate permiso will then be issued.


Driving Licence

In the case of a Spanish licence you will need to provide either a Denuncia or a declaration of loss/destruction and pay the appropriate fee. As above all original documents must be presented. If you wish at this time to change the photograph that was previously on your licence you can provide a new one and sign the necessary document. You will receive a temporary licence valid for three months, during which time the original will be sent in the post. Please note that temporary Spanish licences are ONLY VALID FOR DRIVING IN SPAIN so if you are intending travelling to the UK or another country and driving or indeed hiring.

If you held a British licence and this is lost or stolen and you hold a residencia you cannot apply legally for a duplicate in the UK, you must apply for a Spanish licence  at this time.

If you have any questions please email me on emma@motorworldtenerife.com