|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Clean up your act! 


Another red tape issue hits Los Cristianos.

The latest bureaucratic bungle to hit Arona Council has once again left tourists and local people asking one simple question: Why?

Holiday-makers and residents are astounded that one of the best-known municipalities in Tenerife could have created a situation which left a prime beach without sun-beds or umbrellas to rent.

It is understood the matter has been officially reported for investigation by the fiscal authorities and whilst traders near the Los Cristianos (harbour) beach believe ham-mocks will be back soon, others say it could take all summer to resolve.

The situation adds to the continued wrangle over awarding a proper concession for the lifeguards who have now been on strike for nearly a year over the absence of any payments or redundancy money (see inside for full story).

Regardless of when both matters are resolved, websites have been full of adverse comments about a town which should be a leading light on the island for tourism. “Ridiculous”, “unbelievable”, “red tape gone mad” and “typical of Tenerife” are just some of the uncomplimentary observations.

Tourism councillor for Tenerife Cabildo, Carlos Alonso said the island’s image abroad was being damaged and he hoped there would be a swift resolution to both problems.

The harbour beach has been without beds and sunbeds since July 1st and as the Tenerife News went to press, there was no sign of their return. Sunbathers were having to sit on the dark sand and whilst some appreciated the beach being “free” for a change, others said they did not like getting dirty or having sand in their clothes and possessions. It was also very inconvenient for older people or those with mobility problems.

It is being reported that the previous contractor for this section of the beach had no written agreement and there is a major question mark over how much money has been paid or if any at all. This could run into hundreds of thou-sands of euros of lost revenue.

Questions are being asked about how something so fundamental to the attractions of Los Cristianos could go so wrong and what might happen next.

The hotel association, Ashotel said it was a very serious problem which damaged the tourist image of the town and the island. A spokesman said this was an administrative issue which should have been resolved months ago to ensure the quality of a prime beach used by thousands of people.

Ashotel immediately offered 100 sunbeds and umbrellas to help fill the gap but as at Monday of this week, it seemed the gesture had not been accepted, probably be-cause of legalities.

The association is concerned that it could take weeks to award a new contract and it could take until September to resolve. This is the same problem affecting the lifeguards ie. finding a new con-tractor to take on the responsibility of their back pay is currently proving impossible.

Regarding the award of the contract for sunbeds and umbrellas on the harbour beach at Los Cristianos, critics say the council was asking for too much money which is why a proper concession was never awarded.