|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Mosquito checks delayed at airports 


Plans to start airport checks to prevent the spread of a mosquito which can transmit “dengue” have been delayed because of a clerical error.

The checks are being carried out in the ports but did not come into force at the airports in Tenerife and Gran Canaria in January as anticipated.

AENA has promised that the error can be rectified with speed and checks might well be able to start some time in June following the four-month delay.

The hold-up was connected with paperwork to do with the scientists who will be carrying out the checks and has been put down to bureaucracy and not budget restraints. It is reported that AENA wanted staff with the Institute of Tropical Diseases to take an airport safety course.

The mosquito “Aedes aegypti” has caused havoc in other hot countries including Cape Verde in 2010  and in Madeira where dozens of people were hospitalised.

It has not been found in the Canary Islands but health officials want to be safe rather than sorry. Whether the scientists still have to take a safety course is unclear.