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Frequently asked questions 


Q. I have a C5 2.2 HDi SX auto, 2 years old, 42,000 kilometres. For the last 3 months I have been plagued with ESP warnings. It has been back to the dealer 8 times and although a lot of parts have been changed the problem remains. The warning happens when accelerating at speeds between 40 and 60 kmph and is quite repeatable. The problem with the warning is that it cuts down the engine power to a fraction of normal. Typically it happens when overtaking and the manoeuvre then has to be instantly abandoned, not a happy event!  The dealer has tried very hard to fix it but can’t find the cause. I suspect that this is not a unique problem.

A. It could be a number of things, have the garage checked the turbo thoroughly? Sometimes the turbo appears fine but one of the impellers could be broken or damaged, if it is the exhaust side the broken part would have gone into the exhaust system not the engine so you wouldn´t necessarily know. The other possibilities could be a blocked cat or blocked particle filter, have these been checked? Could also be one of many vacuum hoses either detached or leaking but I assume these have already be checked.

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