|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Canaries pursue electric car campaign 


Lanzarote is seeking funds to make all 200 vehicles on the tiny neighbouring island of La Graciosa electric.

It is part of the campaign to diversify away from the traditional type of cars to save both fuel and the impact on the environment.

El Hierro has already signalled its aim to become a totally green island and electricity company, Endesa intends to install ten recharging points. At the moment, El Hierro only has three of the 12 stations which are dotted around the archipelago.

The various plans were revealed by the Canary Government’s Director General for Industry and Energy, María Antonia Moreno who stressed the electric car had many advantages. It was intended to seek partnerships between the private and public sector to encourage more of these, as well as cars run on gas. There are only 30 of these currently in use in the Canaries but the Government says it only costs around 1,500 euros to have a car converted to gas consumption rather than petrol.

El Hierro has about 5,000 cars, with an average daily journey of 25 kilometres and average speed of 40km per hour. The Canary Government says these statistics make electric cars even more attractive, especially for tourists.

Two industries suggested for change are taxis and hire cars because this would create substantial fuel savings. Hotels could also eventually have charging points for electric cars to help with the tourism trade.