|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Animal Communication 


“Bringing you a deeper understanding of your animal friend and your relationship”.

This wonderful way of deepening the bond between you and your animal companion comes to Tenerife. 

Heidegund Leithe, an ex-perienced natural health practitioner for animals and specialist and published author in this field for many years, will share with you during one week this ancient knowledge here on our island.

You can learn this tele-pathic communication and discover what your animal is thinking and feeling.  Here, Heidegund explains more.

We have to comprehend that animals can truly under-stand everything we say or think and that we can learn to understand them as well. We are like an open book for them.

This telepathic communica-tion is learnable. Tuning into their emotional and mental state is the key and getting in contact with our intuitive qualities. As they touch hearts and lives of everyone that comes in contact with them, we can do the same and experience how much more peace can grow in our hearts. Therefore so many human beings enjoy so much to be with animals. Through easy-to-learn exercises you will step into this fascinating world, just bringing the experiences on a conscious level!

The relationship with our animal companions is often deeper and more profound than the relationship with any other human being. They assist us wherever we are, no matter how we feel and behave, giving us lots of love. This is because they live in the “Here and Now”, can enjoy each moment and make life a feast of celebration. If we as human beings can learn this quality from them, our lives will change immediately. They don´t criticise us but they give us through their body language always a honest feedback. We only need to learn how to understand it, getting in touch with their honest and truthful messages to us, without fears and worries.

If the animal communicator initiates a communication, normally the animals are very happy. Finally they can share how they feel inside. It is about their needs and wishes so that your relationship becomes even more successful, similar to your day to day relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and other people.

Furthermore the animal communicator can help to solve difficult situations, for example:

•Do you need help with a lost pet?

•Do you have unresolved or unexplained problems with your pets?

•Do you want to work through behavior issues

•Resolve fear or aggression problems with your animal?

•Discuss physical ailments with your animal, to manage pain?

•Help animals in the same household to get along better?

•Assist with animals facing death; to see if they are ready to pass?

Petra Klein, the creator and director of the seminar and retreat center “Butterfly Garden Jardín Mariposa” invited Heidegund Leithe to come to Tenerife for one week, from the 21st until the 28th of June because of her fascinating experiences with her own dogs and cats that entered into her life in a very special and wonderful way. Her relation-ship with Heidegund grew over the last 10 years. Petra Klein is incorporating this growing knowledge in animal communication in her work as a psychologist and dance therapist. Her result: “It is fascinating, each time getting a deeper knowledge and understanding how animals can help people in their personal journey as human beings. A win-win-situation on both sides!”

All together, you are stepping into a fascinating world that will enrich your life tremendously. You will never forget it.

And let yourself be surprised at how rich this communication is! This uncon-ditional love of our pets, no matter how you feel and who you are!