|Friday, July 3, 2020
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What happened to sparkling banana wine? 


The Cabildo on La Gomera has been accused of “deception” and “hot air” over plans to revitalise the island’s ailing agricultural industry.

In 2006, it is claimed, plans were announced for the production of the world’s first sparkling wine made from bananas. Nothing had happened since, say opposition councillors, and the same situation exists with a promised survey of abandoned farms and a new mill to create “Gomera gofio”.

Councillor and spokesman for the CC-CCN, Pedro Medina has criticised the Cabildo and its president for not fulfilling its promises and “making a lot of noise about its plans for agricultural without any bite”.

He said the reality of the situation was that La Gomera continued to import 90% of its products. He has described the picture of agriculture on the island as “a desert” despite substantial investment over the years in irrigation systems, farm tracks and dams.

Sr. Medina says the Cabildo archives are full of old projects which never got off the ground, including a honey factory, a house of wine and a cheese factory.