|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Car Documents 


Anyone who has owned a car will know that the car has its own documents. These are a Ficha Técnica and Permiso de circulación. If you are buying a car it is important to make sure that the car has both of these documents to avoid problems in completing a transfer into your name.

Legally, if a car does not have a Permiso de circulación, it should not be on the road, unless of course the documents have been lost/stolen/destroyed or the transfer into your name is in process, where by all original documents must be produced at Tráfico. In the event of loss or theft you must have a denuncia and proof that you are in the process of obtaining duplicates (this starts first with obtaining a duplicate Ficha Técnica from the ITV station, for which you need an Antecedente (an information paper) in order to start the process. This confirms all the cars details and the full name address and DNI/NIE of the registered owner.

Many people are not happy about carrying the original documents and there is a solution. You can obtain from Tráfico Copias compulsadas to carry, which are acceptable by the police, but you must remember that should the car get a new ITV then that particular page would need to be done again at Tráfico. In order to obtain these you must produce the originals and photocopies plus your original documents at Tráfico. They then compare the two and place a stamp on the copies confirming they are okay, this is then registered on the Tráfico system should any police have any doubts regarding the authentication of the said documents.

There is also an option for those not wishing to carry their original Passport and/ or NIE to obtain from any Notary (for a minimal cost)  notarised copies which are legal documents and can not only be used when driving but can also be used in any place of authority such as the tax office, the town hall, etc.

Should you require any assistance or more information regarding any of the above points please e-mail emma@motorworldtenerife.com or call 922783828.