|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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The Dog and Bone 


Dear Editor

Talking on mobile phones whilst driving is daft enough but things I have seen in the last few weeks take the biscuit!

The other day whilst driving through Orotava, we saw a tiny dog hanging out of the driver’s window enjoying the cooling breeze. Very nice but this particular car was in motion, not parked and the driver had his or her arm around the dog to make sure it did not fall out! Even more surprising was when the car decided to turn left how did the driver still manage to indicate without taking his arm away from the dog. Either the passenger flicked the switch or the driver took their right arm from the wheel to flick the indicator switch, meaning that for a split second they had no hands on the wheel at all.

All very nice for the pet passenger but what would have happened if a child had stepped out in front of the car at that split second. There was no way the driver was in control and it could have been fatal for all of them, dog included.

The law quite clearly states that a dog has to be properly strapped into the back of the car. If it is too hot a day for a pet to go out, then simply leave it at home rather than allow it built-in air conditioning!

Yours, surprised motorist La Orotava