|Monday, July 26, 2021
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North airport in 75 minute compromise 


Plans to extend the operating hours at Tenerife’s north airport are being scaled down in a bid to head off residents’ protests.

The original campaign, spearheaded by the Cabildo, asked for three extra hours at Los Rodeos in a bid to bring in more tourists and to subs-tantially boost the economy of the north.

The airport authority AENA did not agree with the request but it is possible that an extra 75 minutes might stand a better chance. This would mean operating hours of 7am to 11pm.

Campaigners are still con-vinced 75 extra minutes would pay dividends and say Binter and Vueling would put on 14 more flights (seven depatures, seven arrivals), equating to 70,000 seats more each year, starting this winter. Others such as Iberia Express and Air Europa might well follow to enhance connectivity to Barcelona, the Nordic countries and northern Germany.

A meeting has already taken place with ten residents’ associations who were threat-ening to take action on behalf of 10,000 residents if the original three hours were still planned. They believe 7am to 11pm would not alter the noise map but want AENA to complete the out-standing sound-proofing plan as a matter of urgency. A final decision is now awaited.