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Elements of ocular hygiene 


Every morning, after having washed your fingers with your usual soap or shampoo, soap softly and thoroughly your eyelids and eyelashes then rinse and dry them well.

Never touch your eyes at any time, during the rest of the day. If your eyes tear, buffer your tears gently with a paper handkerchief. Never rub them.

If you suspect having an eye inflammation, avoid transmitting it to your contacts by avoiding touching your eyes with your fingers and by throwing the soiled handkerchiefs in the bin.

If you have pets, forbid their access to your bedroom. Wash your hands after having caressed them. Clean their usual places, especially the sofas, with a liquid filter aspirator.

In your bedroom, avoid plants.

In your bed, the lining of your pillow, eiderdown and mattress should be synthetic. Avoid wool, natural LATEX, FUTON, cherry pits, buckwheat etc. The covers should be cotton.

Every day, ventilate your bedroom and let the sunshine in, especially on your uncovered mattress and on the eiderdown. Expose your pillow to direct sun after having beaten it in a way that the dust is vented outside your bedroom.

Every week, wash the pillowcase, eiderdown cover and bed sheet with unscented laundry products. Clean the pillow, eiderdown and the stuffed toys with a liquid filter aspirator.

Every three months, let your pillow dry in the sun or in the dryer after having left it for some hours in the freezer,

Every year, get your mattress and pillow  thoroughly cleaned by a professional specialised in bed hygiene.

Every 2 years,, the pillow should be changed,

Every 5 years, the eiderdown should be changed,

Every 10  years, the mattress should be changed.

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