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Your helping hand for health comfort 

Confort Salud



Sometimes the most wonderful “godsend” businesses are found in the most unexpected places and Confort Salud is one of them. Many people have special reasons to be very grateful for the services of this orthopaedic company which was formed in La Orotava in 2012.

If you are fit and healthy, walking around, getting out of bed, climbing the stairs and even everyday simple tasks are taken for granted. But what if you are ill or physically incapacitated or recovering at home from an operation? These things then don’t become so easy and can cause a lot of anxiety and discomfort, not just for you but for your carers as well.


That’s where Confort Salud steps in and as its name suggests, it really can help you with your “health comfort”. The even better news is that you don’t have to travel to La Orotava either if this is a problem. Confort Salud has a great home delivery service for its customers.


So what type of people can the company help? First of all, just have a think about workers who are on their feet all day or night, such as bar-tenders, medical staff and those in the hospitality trade. Imagine how their legs and feet feel! Confort Salud has all kinds of items for the feet, such as special shoes, socks and pads. These will ensure the comfort of your feet as they notch up step after step, ensuring you can carry on with your job without experiencing pain.


There are also many other products which people with disabilities, temporary or permanent, will find very handy. This could be cervical pillows, manual chairs, motorised scooters, crutches and beds. The items available are always the latest brands available and can be personally customised. You will find international names like Amoena, Anita, Birstken-tock, Cangurin, Donjoy, Obea Chair etc.


Confort Salud also has a large range of products to help people, particularly older folk, enjoy bath time and to make it easier and safer, as well as rehabilitation and exer-cise equip-ment.


All these measures can be sort-ed out either in your own home or in a medical ce-ntre.


It should also be noted that Confort Salud deals with sales and rentals.


Another very important service will be very warmly welcomed by cancer patients who like to retain their dignity during or after treatment. There are lovely scarves for the head and throat and a good range of lingerie and prostheses for women suffering from breast cancer.


Add to this a great assortment of canes of all types and colours and this is a place you will be delighted to discover.

You can get in touch with Confort Salud on 922 326 813, mobile 622 168 988, or visit at C/San Juan Bosco no. 3, Edf. Temait 1 local 7, 38300, La Orotava (email info@confortsalud. net and website www.confortsalud.net)