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TITSA faces another year of cuts 


Tenerife’s bus company TITSA is anticipating another year of cuts after losing more than three million passengers in 2012.

The losses are attributed to increased fares and the economic crisis but this will not help workers who believe more jobs will be axed.

Unions have already signalled their fierce opposition to any more reductions in either services or manpower and say strike action will be taken. A round of talks began on February 25th with the management.

In 2011, TITSA notched up 39.3 million passengers but this figure decreased to 36 million last year. It means that during 2013, the company will look at further ways to save money and to avoid another deficit.

It is understood that following cuts amounting to eight million euros in 2012, this year TITSA will aim to save around 5.6 million euros.

The unions UGT and CCOO are rejecting any new cuts and originally called for strike action during the carnivals but this decision was postponed until all the details from the company were known.

TITSA has already restructured lines and increased fares by ten per cent whilst at the same time pledging to preserve and enhance services in the main tourist areas.

A price rise this year is not anticipated and bonuses are expected to be maintained. Unions therefore fear that the axe will fall on jobs and bonus pay.