|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Thefts “are spoiling tourism image” 


Businesses in Adeje and Arona claim a succession of thefts is ruining the image of the tourist areas.

They believe the only way to solve the problem is for the government to change the “Ley de Extanjeria” (the law which governs foreigners in the Canaries).

A number of business associations say most of the offenders are Romanian but the red tape of the law is benefitting them and not the victims. They say culprits arrested are back on the streets again within no time at all, sometimes as quick as an hour and committing thefts, shoplifting and pickpocketing.

Representatives of various business associations met recently with the National Police Commissioner for the South to ask for urgent action. They claim word of mouth is affecting the tourism reputation of these important areas of Tenerife.

Those present at the meeting included representatives of the Ashotel, the South Business Circle, Fedeco, the Business Association of Playa de las America and Costa Adeje and commerce groups of Arona and Adeje.

They believe the law should be changed so that culprits can be sent back to their original country as quickly as possible.

One instance quoted was at least four complaints within one hour at a Los Cristianos bus stop.