|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Tenerife launches message in a bottle! 


Tenerife has been the venue for some unusual launches and ventures but now it goes into the history books for the largest message in a bottle!

At 11.30am on March 13th, polar explorer Jarle Andhoy was due to bid a fond farewell to the novelty bottle which weighs 2.5 tons and is eight metres long.

Carrying a special message, it is the initiative of Norwegian soft drink brand Solo which wanted a high-profile advertising campaign.

The bottle was built by sports car company, Koening-seg and has all the attributes necessary for an Atlantic journey, including solar panels, satellite connections and tracking technology. It also has remote control nozzles which will clean its camera every eight hours.

The San Miguel Marina was chosen for the launch because of Tenerife’s links with famous explorers and the fact that it could meet all the conditions for hosting such an event. Even moving it necessitated a huge 16 metre long truck.

The ambitious project has taken months to prepare and for those who want to follow the bottle’s progress, you can keep up to date on Facebook.