|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Plot idea leads to new book 


Puerto de la Cruz resident, Brian Eldridge has put pen to paper to write his first book. “Just an ordinary man” is available as an e-book through Amazon for all those who would like to read it.

Brian, who is a columnist for the Tenerife News, only started to write when he moved to Tenerife.

“It was more out of necessity than for any other reason,” he explains. “I promised friends and family that I would keep them informed and this led to the creation of my weekly newsletter or diary. Initially there was plenty to tell so what started as one page a week quickly became five or six and I did enjoy writing it.”

Brian’s first introduction to the Tenerife News was via a rather tongue in- cheek entry in a Christmas short story competition.

“Composed in about an hour on a wet November afternoon (it always rains in the north dodn’t you know) no- one was more surprised than me that it won a prize and fourth place was good enough for me,” Brian reflects. “I am not sure if that was the trigger or the fact that as life was becoming more “normal” my diary was fast coming to its natural end. It might have been that the idea had been festering away in the back of my mind for some time but anyway I decided to try and write a book.”

“Just an ordinary man” is not a fly on the wall or a “my life in Tenerife” as Brian did not feel this would be anything different. It is a work of fiction as he had the rough idea of a plot and it just needed expanding.

Self-edited, it took a long time to perfect with limited typing skills and Brian admits he was his worst critic but at last it was ready.

“So, is it any good?” Brian ponders adding: “I can’t be the judge of that but as I still have plenty of time on my hands and an inkling of a new plot, I am about to start work on the next one!”