|Friday, September 17, 2021
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One-day strike at geriatric unit 

Staff at a health care centre in the north of Tenerife claim they have to work shifts of 17 hours because of shortages.

There are 60 employees at the Centro Sociosanitario del Norte in Icod de los Vinos who look after more than 100 old people. They say this is not enough and allege that shifts are not properly covered and that care is suffering as a result.

Fed-up at the lack of action, the unions have now called a one-day strike for Friday, March 15th to draw attention to “these defects”.

The workers at the dependency and geriatric unit say relatives of patients have raised complaints about the lack of staff and the operating company was aware of this.

They say the situation has been ongoing since the centre opened in May 2011 but the “straw which broke the camel’s back” was when three employees were dismissed, in their opinion unfairly and unjustifiably. Two had recently stood for union elections and one had been accused of ill-treating a patient when they had not even been on duty.