|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Mount Teide snow rescue 


The snow on Mount Teide might have looked pretty but it proved hazardous for two German tourists.

They had to be rescued by helicopter after getting stuck 3,555 metres up in the National Park.

The two tourists, a man aged 31 and a woman of 24, were feeling the ill effects of the cold, snow, ice and winds of up to 70 kilometres an hour.

One of them raised the alert and called the 1-1-2 service and reported they were near the top of Mount Teide near the cable car. Ice sheets were hampering their progress, as well as the very bad weather.

The two tourists were eventually rescued safe and sound in an operation which also involved the Red Cross, Anaga emergency squad, firefighters and National Park staff.

Regardless of the circumstances of this particular incident, anyone who does venture out hiking should always be aware of the weather and how quickly it can change from south to north and especially around Mount Teide. If road blocks are in place, you should never go under the barriers in your car or on foot and must always go properly equipped.