|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Lifeguards call for urgent rescue mission 

A further appeal has gone out to Arona council to solve the lifeguard crisis affecting the beach of Las Vistas in Los Cristianos.

The authority has already said it cannot meet the back-pay of 17 workers who have not received wages since last July when the company responsible for them folded. The contract had been given out by Arona but the administration says it is not down to them to bridge the gap and pay the money. They say this would be “illegal” and they have no contractural obligation.

However, the lifeguards (who are taking strike action but still providing cover) are asking for the decision to be re-considered through their union UGT.

Last week, one of the women lifeguards who had been on hunger strike was taken to hospital for a few hours when she became unwell. She is back on vigil at the beach but is eating again to protect her health.

Arona council says it has tried twice to award the con-tract but to no avail and will try again for the third time.

The lifeguards say lives are being put at risk with only the minimum of cover on the beaches. Their public demonstration has captured the support of residents and tourists who have been giving donations towards their up keep.

The UGT believes Arona can step in with a rescue mission as this has been done before in other municipalities with services such as waste collec-tion. The unions says six months is quite long enough to have come up with a solution and the very visible strike action is doing nothing to enhance the tourism image of the area.