|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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“Justice for Jennifer” 

The devastated family of Tenerife murder victim Jennifer Mills-Westley believe lessons must be learnt from her tragic death.

At the close of a harrowing one-week trial in Santa Cruz, a jury unanimously ruled that Dejan Valentinov Dejanov was the man who beheaded the 60-year-old grandmother in Los Cristianos in May 2011.

However, it was also agreed that he was not criminally responsible because of his mental state as a chronic paranoid schizophrenic. A judge will now decide if he will be detained for 20 years as requested by the prosecution or the 15 years asked for by his defence. His last words before being taken from the court were “I am the second reincarnation of Christ”.

Members of Jennifer’s family came to Tenerife for the trial which they admitted had opened up new wounds and was very harrowing for them.

They have since stressed that despite reports to the contrary, they did not watch a video which was shown to the jury of their mother being killed in a Chinese bazaar.

Jennifer’s daughters, Samantha and Sarah had asked for their privacy to be respected but did issue a number of statements, including the latest which says there are still questions that remain unanswered. They want to gather as much information as they can about the medical care of vagrant Dejanov who at one stage before the murder had been in a pyschiatric hospital in Wales and also in Santa Cruz but was discharged on both occasions.

Jennifer’s daughters said she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time but they felt her death had been “preventable and needless”.

In a statement published in full in their home newspaper  the Norwich Evening News, they said no other family should be subjected to such an ordeal but that justice had to be done for their mother.

“It is clear to us that there has been a catalogue of failings. Unfortunately, it is now left to us to piece these together as we still have so many un-answered questions,” they said.

“We would like to make a plea that the care of people like Deyan Valentinov Deyanov is taken more seriously. He is a young man who has clearly been failed by a number of authorities, in the UK, Spain and most likely others.”

They adedd that although the end of the trial closed one chapter, they would have to live with the painful consequences for the rest of their lives.