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Boxing “alive and well” in the Canaries 

When you go to an evening of boxing, it’s always good to be with someone who knows about the sport .

It means you can enjoy the show with some background information about tactics, attitudes and techniques. This enlightens the evening and makes it even more enjoyable.

On the night of March 16th, “Future Champions” came under the spotlight in the Las Torres sports centre in Adeje. It was the third elimination round of the “Futuros Campeones” Rude Boys-Marca TV championships.

I got the feeling that the capacity audience of 950 people thoroughly enjoyed the show as I did, viewing combat between two strangers, watching good action between contenders and bursting into applause.  All the signs of an attentive audience.

Boxing is a great spectator sport and the reception featured plenty of cheers and clapping, showing the quality of the action during this gala. I have no doubt that boxing in the Canary Islands is alive and well.

This third knock-out round was the last before the semi-finals in Madrid on April 6th.

In the first match, 57 Kgs, Samuel Escobar (Tristán -Toledo) bravely beat Diego Ferrer (Equipo nacional – Huelva) on points.

In the second, 61 Kgs, George Vitalisviki “Goga” (second Fuera-Madrid) won against, José Ramón López Calvente (CB San Cristóbal-Valencia).

In the third clash, (70 Kgs) there was a great battle between Artem Sukhanov (Kanku -Iruña) who even-tually triumphed against Kerman Lejarraga (Mampo Gym-Bilbao).

The fourth (70 kgs) was also hotly disputed. Youba Sissokho (Equipo Nacional-Baleares) succeeded on points against Adrián Orgaz (Coraje Muñoz -Madrid).

The fifth duel was for women (55 kgs) with Cristina Gómez (Matteam -Madrid) qualifying for the final on points against  “Maravilla” Margot (Asca-nambox Las Palmas). This was a very interesting contest and generated an appreciation for the techniques of women’s boxing.

From the sixth round, members of the “Escuela de Boxeo Povedano de Arona” (organisers of the event in association with Adeje’s sports department) stepped into the ring.

The sixth battle (61 Kgs) was between Johnatan Espinoza (EB Povedano de Arona) against  Hamza Missaui (Frank de Elche) Victoria. Although Espinoza gained the last round, it was not enough for overall victory.

The seventh contest (65 Kgs) saw a Canary duel with Jerobel Santana Talavera (Team Formento  Las Palmas) winning against Johnatan García (EB Pove-dano de Arona) Vibrante.

The eighth round pitted Cheikh Dioum (EB Povedano de Arona) against Javier Cortecero (CD Barceló -Madrid) Dura who proved the stronger.

The ninth clash saw the referee stopping the fight in the first round as the weight difference between Narcise Njoise (Garden TC Madrid) proved too much for Joelmis Scardigno.

In the tenth contest,  Orestes Molina (57 Kgs) (CB Povedano de Arona) trium-phed against Clark Telemanau (EB Javier Castillejo Madrid) and qualified for the semi-finals.

In the eleventh tie, (65 kgs), Johnatan “Maravilla” Alonso (Equipo Nacional – Asturbox), who competed in the London Olympics,  showed for the second time his hunger and deter-mination to win the contest. He floored Adrián Villar (Garden TC  Madrid) in the second round with an unexpected left hook which left his opponent on the canvas. Until then, Villar had been a determined and intelligent fighter.

The 12th bout saw the arena erupt, courtesy of the fans of Adeje boxer Sandro “Dina-mita” Domínguez (61 Kgs [EB Povedano de Arona]) against  Cristian Molina (Equipo Nacional CD Barceló- Madrid) who fought strongly. However, the referee stopped the dual in the third round, ensuring qualification for Sandro into the semis.  He will be another strong Canary con-tender.

At the close of the Future Champions stages, the audience was treated to some professional contests promoted by MaravillaBox.

To sum up, this was an extraordinary gala show-casing great sport and brilliant organisation.