|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Airlines back airport call 

Los Rodeos campaign gathers support.


Four major airlines are backing the call for Tenerife’s north airport to have extended operating hours. Tenerife Cabildo has already submitted a report to the airport authority AENA which predicts that three more hours a day for Los Rodeos would produce 60 million euros for the island and 1,800 jobs. The request is for 30 minutes extra in the morning and two and a half hours more at night.

BinterCanarias, Iberia Express, Vueling and Air Europa have all spoken out in favour of the application. Vueling had already previously made the same request to help them provide better connections to the mainland.

Both Vueling and Iberia Express have reinforced this view in the last week, saying extended hours would fit in better with routes to Germany and Scandinavia via Barcelona. As well as improving connectivity, it would also encourage increased frequencies.

BinterCanarias is also backing the campaign, saying it would be good to increase all operations. Air Europa also believes three more hours would be a positive move as it would help with the currently very tight timetables and would avoid costly transfers to the south in the event of delays. This in turn would save money for businesses and inconvenience for passengers.

“AENA must weigh the costs,” said a spokesman.

At the moment, the airport authority has yet to be persuaded about extended opening hours, saying it needs concrete evidence of airline support before it reconsiders. It also points out that Lanzarote extended its hours but promised extra flights were not forthcoming  and that in any event, Tenerife’s south airport filled the demand.

Tenerife Cabildo insists that with so many potential benefits for the island, three extra hours for the north airport is an opportunity too good to miss.