|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Why the odd one out? 


Dear Editor

I have written to the Tenerife News before about the very frustrating Ryanair website.

Regular readers may recall that I bemoaned their so-called security system which constantly interrupts your search for flight prices.

You will be on their site looking at flights and dates when suddenly the clock will begin to whirl and their security box pops up. What made my blood boil was the silly words or letters you had to type in, most of which are impossible to read so you have to keep pressing the “next” button. By this time, you are so fed up that you abandon the search.

So it was with great pleasure (unfortunately temporarily) that I visited the Ryanair website and found they had a new company asking the security questions. Every so often, their security question appears and some of them even make me laugh. One featured a list of US presidents and then a random word, I think it was something like “white bread” and asked you to click on the odd one out. It was, of course, difficult to decide between “white bread” and “Ronald Reagan” but I think I got it right and was able to proceed to the flight prices. The next time I went on the site, the old security words came up so they haven’t disappeared totally.

Can someone please please please tell me what is the point of all this? Why if you are booking a flight do you need the ability to retype a word or pick the odd one out. I just can’t get my head round this at all. Can anyone shed light on this?

Name and address supplied