|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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What about breakfast time? 


Dear Editor

I really must agree with all your comments about the need for Sunday opening in Tenerife.

What I would like to say in this letter is about early morning openings though.

Last week, we decided to go for a walk with the dog along the sea-front at Playa de las Americas and even treat ourselves and stop and have some breakfast. Ha ha. That was a joke. It was around 9.15am and I kid you not, nothing was open. We walked up and down for half an hour and even by 9.45am, nothing seemed to be stirring. At around 10-ish, some owners did turn up and start putting up the blinds and tables out but by that time, we wanted to get home so opted for our own cup of tea and toast.

We realise that the times of shop openings here are different because staff have to work into the evening but not all holiday-makers or local people for that matter like to have a long lie-in. Anyway we wouldn’t say 9am is that early! Does anyone else share our frustration?

ECF, Los Cristianos