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One in three remain jobless in Canaries 


The Canary Islands closed 2012 with an unenviable record on unemployment.

The latest figures show that the unemployment rate in the archipelago as at the end of last year stood at 32.96%. Only Andalucia at 35.86% and Extr-madura at 34.06% had higher rates.

At the other end of the scale, unemployment in the Basque country was 15.93%, Navarra was 17.15% and Aragon 18.55%.

It meant that in 2012 due to the ongoing financial crisis, unemployment in the Canaries rose by another 7.75%. Of the 368,400 people without jobs, 202,400 were males (unemployment rate of 33.39%) and 166,000 were women (32.46%).

By province, Las Palmas had 198,800 people unemployed (33.89%) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife had 169,600 (31.93%).

In Spain as a whole, unemployment rose last year by 1313% year on year to make 5,965,400 without work, equivalent to 26.02% of the workforce.

During 2012, the crisis destroyed 14,300 jobs in the Canary Islands. However, from October to December, unemployment fell by 9,800 people, representing a drop of 2.59%, the largest decline in Spain. This fourth quarter coincided with the peak of the tourism industry in the Canaries and had a positive balance for employment with 3,000 jobs being created compared to September. This was nevertheless not enough to offset the number of jobs lost or the number of peope joining the dole queues.