|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Make these “artists” pay 


Dear Editor

You asked for views about grafitti so here is mine. Make those responsible wash it off and hopefully it will take them hours to do so and then make them pay for the paint and any damage as well.

If these people are so artistic, why don’t they channel their efforts in a different direction? Get involved in a project or something where their skills are appreciated or mean something. Design something for charity like a card or a painting and then sell them. Help decorate somewhere which needs it like a youth club or similar. Anything but mindless vandalism.

I really can’t see the point. The very essence of grafitti is to do it under-cover so you don’t get caught and remain anonymous. So why? No-one is going to praise them for their wonderful work, just the oppòsite.

I suppose grafitti is like alcohol or smoking. A compulsion they can’t get rid of. Perhaps hitting the culprits who do get caught hard in the pocket might be a deterrent.

What these people have to remember is that they are defacing people’s properties. These people have to pay to get the paint off and to redecorate their premises. Don’t these grafitti “artists” realise businesses here on Tenerife have enough to contend with without this extra stupid expense? Get real and grow up is my view.

Name and address withheld on request