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ITVs in Tenerife 


Most people who own a car will have at some point had to have an ITV which is the equivilant to a UK MOT, but that is where the similarities end!

In the UK you have approved MOT testers and garages  and you take your car there, leave it , the mechanic does the MOT and tells you what is wrong or gives you a certificate. This normally occurs every twelve months and this certificate must be  shown in order to Insure the vehicle.

An ITV is somewhat different, as you would expect  perhaps. There are various (although not numerous here on the island) ITV testing stations. In order to obtain a new ITV you must first  make an appointment at your selected station, Las Chafiras, Adeje, Guimar or El Rosario. You have to arrive at the apponted time with the car, ficha tecnica, permiso de circulacion and current insurance policy and reciept proving payment. You will also have to provide the NIE /CIF for the registered owner along with a current address and telephone number.

You attend the office first  and present all the above (of course they must be originals) and your paperwork will be processed. You will be handed a paper showing all the car details and payment and you then  proceed with the car and you in it! to the appointed line. To many this would be a very daunting task and the majority of people who are not fluent Spanish speakers will choose to pay someone to take their car for them.

The test begins by checking the horn, windscreen wipers (although not the washers!) seat belts, tyres, lights and emmissions, together with noting the current mileage. You proceed the to check the brakes on a rolling road and finally the suspension, steering, chassis etc on moving plaques. Finally you await the verdict! If the car passes you will be given back your original paperwork with a new expiry date stamped on the reverse of the ficha tecnica and a sticker for the windscreen.

If the car fails or has no current insurance the a failure sheet will be issued  showing the defects and whether they are serious , minor or very serious. Dependant on the reason for failure determines whether you can continue to drive the vehicle or whether it should only be driven from the testing station direct to the garage for repairs.

Once the car has had the necessary work done it must be taken back and rechecked, although at this time they will only check the items shown on the failure sheet.

If you  have any question or queries please contact me emma@motorworldtenerife.com or call 629048529 or office 922783828.