|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Holiday lets now forgotten? 


Dear Madam

Could someone please let us know what has happened about the so-called clamp-down on illegal holiday lettings?

Just a few months ago, all the papers were full of stories and letters from people who had been warned about letting apartments for holidays if they were in a designated residential block. Some of these fines were horrendous but now it all seems to have gone quiet. Is this the case or is it no longer newsworthy? Or is it yet again that the Government has a funny five minutes and decides to crackdown on something for a short while and then loses interest? This seems to happen all the time. I can well remember stories about the police fining people for driving whilst wearing flipflops. Why all these crazes and then nothing?

I for one do understand that people who bought flats here need to find ways to keep them going and I do have some sympathy. On the other hand, I live in a residential block where quite a few of them are let out for holidays. It does alter the atmosphere of the place, sorry to say. Holidaymakers are more likely to sit on their balconies and enjoy a drink etc and why not? Sadly, not in places where people like me have moved to in order to get some peace and quiet.

It also makes for more movement of people, more people coming in and out with their suitcases, more people hanging their towels over the balconies (my pet hate!)  Can anyone enlighten me?

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