|Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Heartbreak of animal cruelty 


Dear Editor

What on earth is wrong with the people in Tenerife?

Over the last few weeks, I have been absolutely horrified to read story after story about animal cruelty.

Just recently, I think the Tenerife News and the Spanish papers ran an article about a Staffie sort of dog which had been put into a suitcase and thrown into a refuse container in Santa Cruz. It was only rescued when passers by heard it whimpering. Whilst it was rescued, the police officer cut a hole in the suitcase so it could put its head out and breath properly. That picture has haunted me for weeks.

Then last week we were told about three horses which were found in a tiny hut with no water and no food and just a small window.

In between there have been reports about dogs being abandoned on balconies and this week dogs being thrown into a ravine in Arico, two of them whilst still alive apparently. Other dogs were recently seized which officers suspected had been used in illegal dog fighting. I say illegal but when is it ever ilegal? How barbaric. What sort of an age are we living in?

We also read every week about the dog refuges which have to deal with some really horrible and heartless cases and their numbers are increasing just as quickly as they can find new homes for the lucky ones.

Is it because Tenerife is a small island that the incidence of animal cruelty seems so high? I know it happens in Britain too, you only have to look at the RSPCA site so see what people can do to their socalled pets.

It would be my greatest wish to see all animal cruelty become non existent but that I suppose is too great a wish. It just breaks my heart to hear about all these cases and if anyone is reading this who has ever been cruel in any way whatsoever to an animal, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

TIJS, Los Cristianos