|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Go ahead with red rings 


Dear Editor

Your recent viewpoint article about dog mess really made me laugh. Not the content but the bit about the council in Cheltenham deciding to paint red rings and then more coloured ones around dog mess.

I think it is a good idea but what made me laugh was people’s reaction in Cheltenham. Apparently this project was not continued becaue they thought the paint looked unsightly!

How on earth can that be unsightly compared with dog mess. What are they trying to say? That it is okay to have dog mess on the pavements and verges for everyone to see, in the hope that passers-by might not just notice it? I don’t think so! Yes of course they would notice red rings about the dog mess but that is the whole point. It is meant to draw people’s attention to it because then more and more people might get involved in trying to solve this horrible problem once and for all. I think it is better to have red paint rings than brown dog mess!!

I would agree, however, that Tenerife needs many more doggie loo bins in strategic places, especially along the sea front provided they are emptied on a regular basis. If not, that will be even worse.

T. Carpenter Golf del Sur