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Tourism sector gives hope for jobs 

Tenerife’s tourism industry is still leading the way in job creation.
Last year, the island saw 70,515 new contracts in the tourism sector, a figure that represents an increase of 3.4% on 2011.
The data has been provided by the Canary Employment Observatory (Obecan) and contrasts to a 1.3% decline in hiring within the archipelago as a whole to an overall figure of 178,348.
Within the tourism industry in Tenerife, the hospitality sector (accommodation and food) saw an increase in new jobs of 3.8% to 49,351 (1,829 more than last year) and 12.9% up in the food and beverage services. By contrast, housing services fell by 6.3% in new contracts compared to 2011.
Vice-president of Tenerife Cabildo and economic boss, Carlos Alonso said that despite the increase in unemployment across the board, the tourism sector was still leading the economy of the island. This industry had been creating new jobs for two years and they were confident the trend would continue in 2013.
Relating to December of 2012, Tenerife formalised 5,049 contracts, 1-3% less than the previous year. However, the hospitality industry still generated new hirings in December, up seven per cent to 3,703 new contracts in the month. Contracts in accommodation services increased 3.9% while food and beverage services were up 9.1%. Recruitment in other economic sectors in the month of December recorded a decline of 4.8% from the same month in 2011. In total in December, 16,706 contracts were formalised in Tenerife, 839 less than in December 2011.
Overall unemployment in Tenerife for December stood at 119,207 people, up by 8,070.