|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Taxi drivers try “round robin” trial 

Taxi drivers in Santa Cruz are trying out a new system in an attempt to bring fairer and better trade for all of them.
Until March 10th, they are adhering to a rotating shift system which was agreed upon in a referendum last summer.
The 1,086 licences which exist in the capital are divided into three groups of A, B and C and they will operate on a round robin system. Each group consists of 362 taxis, established through the number of their licence (ie. the numbers one to 362 are group A and so on).
The morning session, which will always be comprised of two groups, is from 3am to 3pm while the afternoon (covered by one group) is from 3pm to 3am.
During the referendum, the drivers had three options to choose from and of the 657 votes cast, 351 chose the round robin system. The second favoured option with 13 votes was a free day each week and this has already been tested.
It is likely that once this latest trial is completed on March 10th, there will be another vote and the results will be sent to Santa Cruz city council. Councillors will have the power to decide what to do but the majority views of the taxi drivers will be taken into consideration.
It is hoped a new system, together with the abandonment of 60 licences, will help breath new life into the sector.