|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Stamp out graffiti 

Dear Editor
Has anyone else noticed that the problem of graffiti is beginning to creep in here in Tenerife?
Up until now, I think we have been virtually immune to this nuisance but I for one have spotted a number of graffiti messages where I live. I am not going to say where because this might encourage more people or even the person who did it in the first place as I think I read somewhere that graffiti artists do this to gain attention or publicity.
This particular person has written what appears to be his name on the road-side and on lamp-posts, as well as ten times on an electricity station and on an empty construction site. Again, I will not mention the name. It has been sprayed in white paint. Also, just recently, when workmen were putting in new concrete bases on the pavement by trees, the same person obviously thought it would be a good idea to write in the wet concrete as well.
Just why do people feel it necessary to engage in graffiti? I just can’t understand it. It is pure vandalism. I do understand that in some controlled instance, it can be regarded as art and I think there are ventures here in Tenerife which are involved in this. A good idea as these people can take their frustrations or whatever it is that drives them out on proper dedicated places. Some of these youngsters have real talent but it needs to be channelled in the right direction.
I do hope this problem does not escalate here. Every authority needs to clampdown on it now and impose heavy fines for anyone caught and encourage any residents who see someone to report it to the police.
Name and address supplied