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Healthcare in all the Canary Islands 

There are many benefits to living in the Canary Islands; the climate, the food, the people but it is also true that some services may be limited or may not be available at all. The geographical factors
of living on a small island give rise to some widely acknowledged challenges and healthcare in the Canaries can be just such an example.


Do you live in one of the smaller islands of the Canaries and have no adequate health cover?

Do you need to take the ferry each time you need to see a doctor?

And what happens if you need to go to a hospital for an emergency such as an accident, for example?


ASSSA HEALTH INSURANCE is growing and expanding in the Canary Islands. With the opening of the new office in Tenerife the expansion process has only just started. We provide personalized service to all clients in the Canaries and have a large directory of doctors and clinics in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.
Within the medical directory you can choose from a GP to a specialist or you can take out a “Summum” (comprehensive) policy with a free choice of doctors and reimbursement of consultation fees. If you are living on one of the islands you can count with complete private health cover from day one.
At ASSSA we are specialists in the field of healthcare, caring for the health of thousands of people. Our company, established in 1935, is expanding in the Canary Islands and offering personalised professional services at the office in Tenerife.

ASSSA Unique Guarantees

We offer a variety of unique, written, contractual guarantees. The age you are when signing the agreement always remains the basis for calculation of the annual premium, i.e. premiums do not increase simply because you grow older. In addition, ASSSA provides protection against policy cancellation from the first day of insurance.

ASSSA Services

Immediate access to specialists, doctors and clinics without waiting periods. Diagnosis, special treatments and prevention checks. Hospitalisation in a private room and a bed for a companion. Dental service included and worldwide emergency travel assistance including repatriation.

Doctors and Hospitals

We offer our customers an extensive directory of private clinics and hospitals, GPs and Specialists. In line with our clients´ wishes we contract with facilities that usually speak your language (or offer a free translation service). We also have English speaking professional medical staff under contract with ASSSA. Find out more at: www.asssa.es

Quality insurance

We provide flexible levels of health insurance – depending on the level of cover and premium best suited to the client’s requirements. We offer cover from a supplementary insurance (starting at 44,25 € a month) to a more comprehensive insurance (from 80 € a month). We offer discounts for new clients for the entire life of the policy with comfortable monthly, quarterly or half year payments, without surcharge. In addition, we offer dental insurance reduced by up to 20% (from only 68€ per annum).

Insure your health!

Visit us for an assessment and receive a personal premium calculation. Our regional manager will be pleased to answer all your questions. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09:30-13: 30, later appointments by arrangement. We look forward to your visit!

Customer service office:
Tel: 922 752794
Carola Jäger