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Cold water poured on 2013 recovery 

The construction industry does not share Government optimism that the Canary Islands will start to leave the recession in the second half of 2013.
The old year ended with messages of hope and solidarity from politicians at both a national and regional level which has prompted a “let’s wait and see” response from Tenerife’s construction association, FEPECO.
President Antonio Plasencia told the Spanish press that he would be delighted if the prediction came true but he doubted it. He said he could not see where the jobs would come from to enable such a recovery and was sceptical that the new policy of renewing existing hotel provision would play a major part. Even to get a licence to refurbish a single house takes six months to a year, he pointed out.
Sr. Plasencia said at its heydey, FEPECO had 1,800 members but this was now down to 600 and he expected more to disappear this year.
He felt hotel refurbishments would help a bit but described housing construction as having a very bleak future for the next five years at least.