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Become a fan of Geordie Pride 



Do you want to seek out a nice restaurant in the south of Tenerife for Sunday lunch? If so, head for Puerto Colón and discover The Geordie Pride.

No matter how long you have lived here or whether you are on a holiday, there’s nothing nicer than a good old fashioned Sunday lunch and hosts Mark and Kerry do it to the very best.
The very thought of roast potatoes, succulent slices of freshly roasted beef, pork or lamb, Yorkshire puddings and tasty gravy just makes your mouth water. This doesn’t just apply to Brits, however. All nationalities, including the Spanish, enjoy a roast dinner and why not indeed? It’s one of the best-known dishes around with international appeal.
The Geordie Pride isn’t one of those “obvious” places to go as it’s not on a main route but once sampled, you will want to return time and time again. Mark and Kerry can sometimes do as many as 100 Sunday lunch covers so all those people can’t be wrong!
We went along on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, driving down to Puerto Colón. Rather than drive round and round looking for a space, we used the main car park overlooking the marina which only cost us about 1.60 euros for our hour and a half stay.
To get to the Geordie Pride, walk down the iron steps by the taxi rank and turn left. This is one of the two entrances, the other being on the other side of the pub partly overlooking the harbour. It offers the best of all worlds as you can sit on either terrace, in the shade or in the sun or inside. The interior is small but cosy but there’s plenty going on, including a darts board, games if you request them and a big screen for sport including, of course, live Newcastle matches (and all others so all fans are welcome).
We sat in the sunshine and knew exactly what we wanted to order. A “combo” Sunday roast so we could have lamb, beef and pork because we never know which one to choose. By the time a tray of mint, apple and horse-radish sauces had arrived on our table, we could smell the gorgeous aromas and were definitely getting hungry.
Our big oval plates did not disappoint. Everything was delicious and it was so nice to enjoy nice thick slices of meat, not the sloppy slithery variety we hate so much. For pudding, we opted for apple crumble and ice-cream and were well and truly full to the brim.
The really great thing about Sunday lunch at the Geordie Pride is the price which is inclusive of a pudding. Roast lamb or a combo is seven euros and roast beef or pork is 6.50 euros. If you have a smaller appetite, a small roast beef or pork is 5.50 euros and a small roast lamb or combo is six euros. A portion for children is 3.50 euros.
Whilst we devoured our roast, we noticed that all of the other tables were full and as soon as they were vacated, someone else sat down. If you go on spec and it’s not late in the afternoon, you will probably be fine but if you want to book or perhaps bring along a bigger party, then do ring 922 714 231.
Of course, you don’t have to wait until a Sunday to discover the Geordie Pride. Food starts from breakfast onwards Monday to Sa-turday, including English, Scottish and veggie, and the main menu from 10am through to 9pm (also Monday to Saturday) offers everything from sand-wiches and salads to jacket potatoes and burgers. It’s good unpretentious British cooking with a very warm welcome.
Mark and Kerry are really pleased that lots of people are also discovering Saturday nights at the Geordie Pride when Ronnie King performs favourites from the 50s, 60s and 70s and plenty of Elvis. There’s also Sunday entertainment every so often.
This is a really friendly place which offers value for money for all the family which is so important in this difficult economic climate. Do give it a try.