|Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Air fares are too high 

Dear Editor
Tenerife is a lovely place and our family has been coming here for years but for how much longer we wonder?
We read in your paper that the authorities are concerned about the price of flights and rightly so. They seem to be on the increase and fluctuate so much. Granted, if you search long and hard enough, you will find some sort of a bargain but you need to be very flexible with your dates. Some of the prices quoted during the holidays, ie. at Easter or at Christmas or school half terms, are absolutely ridiculous but this is exactly the time when people want to come here.
It also makes me mad when I read advertisements which say “flights from…..59 euros” or whatever. I thought this was being outlawed and that publicity had to state the exact amount of the fares? We need to know the exact price there and then, not get a nasty shock at the end of a lengthy booking process.
Of all the issues affecting the Canary Islands at the moment, flight prices has to be a top priority. The island depends on tourists but if we can’t afford to get here, then what? It’s a place we would like to come three times a year if possible but in 2013, we will be lucky to have one trip, given there are five of us in our family.
I know the authorities are doing all they can but the Canary Government and Spain really needs to take urgent action and fast.
The Bridgewater family, Kent