|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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A challenge to litter louts 

Dear Editor
I have been following your correspondence about litter and dog mess with great interest and can only agree with the writers who say it is disgusting. It is and worse.
Just what is wrong with people? The other day I walked through our complex in Los Cristianos and a small dog had obviously messed the walkway. The owner must have seen their pet do it so why did they not clean it up? I found a big leaf and just scooped it up into a bin. Not very nice but as I live on this complex, I felt I had to do something.
Then this morning, on going out of the gate, I saw that someone had left some bags of rubbish, one with rubbish inside, the other an empty bag with some wrapping inside. Why leave it here?
Try as I might I just can’t get inside the minds of such people. Do their brains actually register the thoughts of “Oh my dog has just fouled the pavement?” or “I think I will leave this rubbish here?” I think not. I don’t think they THINK all all.
What would be interesting is if someone who allows their dog to foul the pavement or leaves rubbish in the street would write to your newspaper and explain why. Will anyone rise to this challenge?
AGC, Los Cristianos