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Why little fish are still a big task to care for

Caring for aquarium fish can be rewarding and a lot of fun but it’s a big responsibility. Fish are not simple creatures to look after; they do not show their feelings clear-ly, have specific needs and require a lot of attention and routine care.Full Article

What is cherry eye?

Cherry eye is a common condition inherited in certain breeds of dogs and, in rare cases, it can arise in cats. Unlike humans, they have three eyelids rather than ...Full Article

Giving your puppy a proper education

As well as socialising your puppy, you’ll want to spend lots of time teaching them how to behave appropriately, both inside and outside your house. Dogs that are well ...Full Article

…and here’s how to protect your horse too

With some plants and trees being poisonous, and sometimes fatal, to horses, it’s important you know their names, can recognise them, and are aware of the places they may ...Full Article

Protect your cat from common poisons

There’s a reason why cats are known for their curiosity and it can sometimes get them into trouble. While they are more careful eaters than dogs, they can be ...Full Article

Caring for your chinchilla

Before choosing a chinchilla as a pet, you need to consider that they can live for up to 15 years. They are lively animals and mostly nocturnal so they ...Full Article

Dogs at night time and home alone

Dogs, like us are very social animals. They would naturally live in family or friendship groups and have ‘evolved’ alongside humans over thousands of years to work with us ...Full Article

Keeping rabbits and other small animals cool this summer

Flystrike (myiasis) is a nasty condition that occurs when flies lay their eggs on or near rabbits. These hatch into maggots and then feed on the rabbit – causing ...Full Article

Caring for a terrapin

Pond terrapins or ‘sliders’ (Trachemys scripta) include red-eared sliders, yellow-bellied sliders and Cumberland sliders. They are a type of hard-shelled, small turtles. The lifespan of a pond terrapin/slider is ...Full Article

Puppies need to chew but the right things!

All puppies enjoy and need to chew. This is partly to relieve some of the discomfort they experience during teething (between three and seven months of age) and also ...Full Article
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