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Striking the right balance with your horse’s activity

Most horses and ponies will benefit from being kept fit by taking part in an activity that they are suited to and trained for   Whether leisure hacking at the weekend, fun rides, or more intensive training for equestrian competitions, regular exercise helps to maintain a good physical condition, promotes a healthy heart and lungs and stimulates an active mind. By ...Full Article

Giving your new puppy a proper education!

As well as socialising your puppy, you’ll want to spend lots of time teaching them how to behave appropriately, both inside and outside your house Dogs that are well ...Full Article

How to help your small pet play and be happy

Small pets can be so much fun but how can you make sure that they’re enjoying themselves too? As well as always ensuring they have large, spacious homes, there are lots ...Full Article

Winter guide for your cat

Most cats prefer to snuggle up inside during the winter but if yours is the outdoors type make sure they always have a warm place they can go to at ...Full Article

Exercise and training chinchillas

Chinchillas are nocturnal, so they’ll be asleep for most of the day. They are most active in the early evening so this is a good time to get them out for ...Full Article

Indoor games for you and your dog

If the weather is too hot, cold or dangerous to go out, there are still lots of things you can do inside the home to tire your dog out.Full Article

Why butter on paws is NOT a good idea!

Rubbing butter on cats’ paws is often given as advice when someone moves house and is letting their moggy outside for the first time – but this is entirely untrue, and ...Full Article

Alert over horse manure

Many dogs have a tendency to eat things they shouldn’t when out and about, including horse and livestock manure.Full Article

Think again about unlucky cats

Here are a few more moggy myths!   1. Black cats are unlucky Black cats have been the subject of myth and folklore for centuries, and while in some ...Full Article

Dogs CAN see colours and CAN learn new tricks!

Think you know dogs? Think again. Here are a few of the most common dog myths.Full Article
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