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The tethering of horses

  Tethering is not specifically illegal in itself but it’s not recommend as a viable way to keep a horse. Owners have a legal duty of care to meet the welfare needs of their horses at all times. You could be in breach of the law by tethering a horse if it means that the animal’s basic needs are ...Full Article

Keeping cats out of a garden

  Problems can arise when cats are attracted to neighbours’ gardens. However, it is important to remember that cats are free to roam and are protected by law. It ...Full Article

Why mice like company

  Mice are cute little creatures which make great pets but as they are gregarious, social animals, they might find isolation or living by themselves very stressful. However, you ...Full Article

How to house-train your dog

  Dogs are generally clean animals and will usually choose to move away from their sleeping area in order to urinate and defecate. However, it is important that when ...Full Article

Indoor cats. Can it work?

  Cats obviously love to go outside and explore but can you keep one inside all of the time? Currently there is no definitive knowledge regarding whether being an ...Full Article

Know your chickens

  Many people keep chickens as a pet but don’t be fooled into thinking they are no effort to look after. As with all animals, they need proper care ...Full Article

Playing rough with dogs

  Will playing rough games with my dog make it aggressive? Studies show that there is no connection between playing rough games with your dog and aggression but one ...Full Article

Plan ahead for firework season

  If there is one thing virtually all cats and dogs are frightened of, it’s fireworks. For adults and children, they can be fun but for your pets they ...Full Article

What rabbit food really means

  If you think rabbits live off a diet of carrots and lettuce, think again! Good quality hay and/or grass should make up the majority of your rabbits’ diet.Full Article

Wild animals as “pets”

Think twice Meeting a wild animal’s needs in captivity can be difficult as it means recreating their natural habitat as closely as possible, taking into account their natural diet, ...Full Article
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