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Pets world

Wild animals as “pets”

Think twice Meeting a wild animal’s needs in captivity can be difficult as it means recreating their natural habitat as closely as possible, taking into account their natural diet, environment, social habits and behaviours.Full Article

How to deal with poisoning

  What to do if you think your dog has been poisoned: Stay calm. Remove your dog(s) from the source of poison.Full Article

Step by step to a happy hello

  Historically, cats and dogs are considered not to prefer each other’s company, although they can form close relationships. However, the behaviour of both cats and dogs is extremely ...Full Article

Chinchillas, cute but demanding

Before choosing a chinchilla as a pet, you need to consider that they can live for up to 15 years. They are lively animals and mostly nocturnal so they ...Full Article

Your cat and its carrier

  Cats are territorial animals and become very attached to places. They are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells and prefer to stay in their familiar home. However, there ...Full Article

Pet piggy alert

  The RSPCA sometimes receives enquiries from members of the public about the keeping of miniature and exotic breeds of pigs as pet. Owning and caring for a pig ...Full Article

Stopping your dog barking

  There are many reasons why a dog may bark. For example, during play, as a greeting or for attention. However, prolonged periods of barking may be because your ...Full Article

Choosing the right groomer

  Having your hair cut is undoubtedly a treat and with a little bit of extra care and thought, your pet should feel the same way. When it comes ...Full Article

Upside down means a happy parrot!

  Animal behaviour experts don’t just deal with cats and dogs, they are just as concerned with other pets as well, including parrots. Giving your parrot the largest cage ...Full Article

Rabbits and children

  Most people are of the opinion that rabbits are excellent pets for children. There are, however, many things to be considered before thinking of giving a home to ...Full Article
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