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Stopping your dog barking

  There are many reasons why a dog may bark. For example, during play, as a greeting or for attention. However, prolonged periods of barking may be because your dog is unhappy, so it is important to identify why this is. If your dog barks a lot when left alone, it may be having difficulty coping by itself. It ...Full Article

Choosing the right groomer

  Having your hair cut is undoubtedly a treat and with a little bit of extra care and thought, your pet should feel the same way. When it comes ...Full Article

Upside down means a happy parrot!

  Animal behaviour experts don’t just deal with cats and dogs, they are just as concerned with other pets as well, including parrots. Giving your parrot the largest cage ...Full Article

Rabbits and children

  Most people are of the opinion that rabbits are excellent pets for children. There are, however, many things to be considered before thinking of giving a home to ...Full Article

Giving your dog ear medication

  The earflap is only part of your dog’s ear. The hearing apparatus is inside the head, at the end of an L-shaped tube (the “ear canal”), which connects ...Full Article

Help to keep your horse

  Equine charities receive a large number of calls every month from horse owners seeking alternative homes for their animals. Caring for a horse properly is never going to ...Full Article

Travelling with your cat

  Transport your cat in a safe container (ie a robust and properly constructed cat basket or carrier) – cats may escape from cardboard carriers. Secure the container in ...Full Article

Dog first-aid kits

  When you talk about a first aid kit, you automatically think of one for people. However, it’s a good idea to make one up in case your dog ...Full Article

Keeping a cat indoors

  Currently there is no definitive knowledge regarding whether being an indoor-only cat is any better or worse than being one who has access to the outdoors. It is ...Full Article

When cats become all of a quiver

  Cats have become a much-loved pet, domesticated over thousands of years, though they retain much of the biology and behaviour of the wild cats they originated from. This ...Full Article
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