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Protect your cat from hidden dangers

Cats are curious and playful creatures but these charming characteristics can get them into trouble. Many accidents involving household and garden chemicals can be avoided by keeping cats away when they are in use.Full Article

Happy harmony between pet and child

From a dog’s point of view, children communicate differently to adults; they cry, yell, shriek, crawl and run about flailing their arms. Dogs find it hard to understand children ...Full Article

Horse and rider: having happy times together

Most horses and ponies will benefit from being kept fit by taking part in an activity that they are suited to and trained for. Whether leisure hacking at the ...Full Article

One to make you smile!

Here’s a cute little picture to make you smile today. These two tiny kittens were found abandoned and barely alive in a shed in West London.Full Article

Stop licking that wound!

If your dog has suffered an injury or had an operation, you will know how difficult it is to stop them licking their wounds. Try these methods. Elizabethan collar ...Full Article

Itching dogs a problem for all

It’s not just people who get allergies. Pets are affected as well. Allergies arise from an overactive immune system – that’s the body’s surveillance system which prevents attack by ...Full Article

Cats and cancer: your questions answered

As with people, cats commonly get cancer, especially as they get older – although even young cats can be affected. The commonest types of cancer affect the white blood ...Full Article

Cheese museum allows island dairies to shine

A new cheese museum has opened on Fuerteventura and there are plans for more to follow, including one dedicated to the history of lighthouses. The official opening of the ...Full Article

An indoor cat can be healthy and happy

Keeping a cat in Tenerife has its own problems, mainly because most people live in flats which could be high up and with or without a balcony. The question ...Full Article

Call for “four-month” cat neutering

The cat population in the UK has reached crisis point with more cats being taken in than ever before and fewer people adopting them. A new RSPCA report “Tackling ...Full Article
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