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Want to treat your pet this Christmas?

Give your pets a merry little Christmas this year and give them a gift they will really enjoy. It doesn’t have to cost much and many pets will appreciate things that are totally free, like a favourite game, a special bit of fuss or an extra walk with your dog – which will help you to walk off some ...Full Article

Animal experts issue alert for horse owners

The RSPCA has issued a warning about horses and sycamore trees which might be useul to all our readers who have contact with the UK. In a warning about ...Full Article

Your dog and separation anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety cannot bear to be parted from their owners and often exhibit problem behaviour when left alone. Putting your relationship on a more independent footing is ...Full Article

Travelling with your cat

Transport your cat in a safe container (ie a robust and properly constructed cat basket or carrier) – cats may escape from cardboard carriers. Secure the container in the ...Full Article

Rabbits deserve a happy life

It was National Rabbit Week in the UK recently and the message was to try and do at least one thing to make your rabbit’s life happier. Here are ...Full Article

Gold-fish: why keeping a little fish is still a big task

Gone are the days, thankfully, when you could win a gold-fish at a fair and take it home in a plastic bag. Nevertheless, gold-fish as well as other types ...Full Article

Grabbing the hand that strokes

Animals exhibit many different types of aggression and cats are no exception. We are happy to accept many forms of aggression as normal behaviour, such as our own cat ...Full Article

Remember, remember..: Prepare your pet for fireworks

It’s hard to believe November 5th is approaching again but here is some early, seasonal advice to keep your pets safe. Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by people but can ...Full Article

New kittens and their litter trays

Cats are fussy about toilet habits and kittens usually learn to use a litter tray by copying their mother. You may just need to show where the litter tray ...Full Article

Help your hamster to have a happy home

Hamsters are the best known and one of the most popular of all the small rodents kept as pets. They live for around two or three years. The most ...Full Article
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