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Your pet questions

Q. I have a new child in the family/on the way. Will my dog become aggressive? A. There is no reason for a dog to become aggressive because you have a new child but children bring with them a huge change in your circumstances that may have an effect on how you relate to your dog. You may not ...Full Article

Top tip

Act quickly, heatstroke can be fatal! If dogs show any signs of heatstroke, move them to a shaded, cool area. Ring your vet immediately. Urgently, gradually lower their body ...Full Article

Fly kills rabbit!

This might sound an unlikely headline but sadly, this is often all too true. In the warmer months, all rabbits – even indoor rabbits – are at risk from ...Full Article

“Ban electric shock collars”

A campaign has been started in the UK to ban the use of electric shock collars. Wales took the lead in this in 2010 but the Blue Cross animal ...Full Article

Pets are a passion, not fashion!

Animal charities are warning that “pets are a passion, not a fashion!” The alert follows an increasing trend of abandoned pets which seem to mirror the ones owned by ...Full Article

Little fish but a lot to think about

It might seem a good idea to have a fish as a pet but don’t be fooled. They might be little but they still need a lot of looking ...Full Article

Keeping an indoor cat

Provide a litter tray in a quiet place; clean it regularly. Cats are often reluctant to use a dirty tray or one located in a busy area. Ensure your ...Full Article

Sick game of drinking gold-fish

The RSPCA has issued an urgent alert about a sick new drinking game. The charity says it is disgusted and alarmed to hear about so-called “neknominating” which involves swallowing ...Full Article

When a child loses their best friend

It’s very hard for anyone to lose a pet and for a child, coping can be extra difficult because of their young age and lack of experience. Often, they ...Full Article

Cats and coping with cancer

As with people, cats commonly get cancer, especially as they get older – although even young cats can be affected. The commonest types of cancer affect the white blood ...Full Article
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