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The plight of the hedgehog and how you can help

You might not see a hedgehog every day of the week in Tenerife but you are probably aware that in the UK, there is currently a lot of talk about these gorgeous little creatures and their possible demise. In the 1950s it was estimated there were 36.5 million hedgehogs in Britain based on extrapolating up from a density of ...Full Article

Don’t kill your podgy pet with “kindness”

People are getting fatter and it is affecting our pet’s health as well. We love our pets and like to give them the little indulgences that we enjoy, so ...Full Article

Home comforts for your gerbil

In the wild, gerbils live in underground tunnels up to 3m long with several entries and chambers. The best way to mimic this natural habitat and keep them happy ...Full Article

How to house train your adult dog but patience needed!

Through no fault of their own, some pet dogs reach adulthood without being fully house trained. Fortunately, with time and patience, it is possible to establish new habits and ...Full Article

How to look after your horse in the winter chill

Wintertime can be lots of fun for all the family but only if you’re prepared for the hazards that come with it. Here’s some advice to help keep your ...Full Article

Think you know dogs? Think again. Here are some common dog myths debunked

1. Dogs can only see in black and white Although they can’t see the world in full technicolour like we can, dogs can see some colours. Their eyes detect ...Full Article

Keeping your cat in shape

As with people, cats need a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise to stay in shape and live a long and healthy life. There is a bewildering ...Full Article

A warm winter for your cat

If it does happen to turn cold this Christmas, here are a few tips about your cat. Most cats prefer to snuggle up inside during the winter but if ...Full Article

Make sure your dog has a happy Christmas too!

Christmas should be a very happy time for everyone, including your pets. But beware, the festive season also presents lots of hidden dangers for your dog.Full Article

Cats have nine lives and hate water or do they?

Think you know cats? Think again. Here are some facts separated from fiction which you might find rather surprising.Full Article
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