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Driving licences

As Christmas approaches we thought it might be useful for readers to refresh their memories regarding traffic infringements and how this affects their licence and points situation. Firstly, what information is shown on a Spanish licence? Well basically all European Licences are the same but with a flag denoting the country of origin i.e. UK, Spain, Italy etc. Each section has ...Full Article

Little and large stars for Ford

THE Ford stable has a massive selection of cars to cater for motorists’ various tastes.Full Article

Disco dances away with top car award

I discovered during a short time with a vehicle that arrived in the UK in February of this year that I wouldn’t have any problems in casting my vote ...Full Article

Police and what to do when stopped

We all know that the police are tasked with doing a job something that some people don’t like. However, we must re-member that all police forces worldwide are there ...Full Article

Lexus on a Hy with is 300h

THE future is electric as more and more car companies announce plans to go along this route. There are plenty of questions being asked about the range of these ...Full Article

Cars are changing

We are all aware that now technology has its foot placed firmly in almost all parts of modern day life and we are often not aware of why or ...Full Article

Wear your seat belt!

We are all aware that seat belts must be worn at all times BY LAW but so many people ignore this law and by doing so are risking the ...Full Article

Mazda MX-5 RF is a real topper

THE UK is one of the wettest countries in Europe but we love our open-top cars. And one of the most popular soft-tops has been Mazda’s little MX-5.Full Article

We are all well aware, no doubt, that the use of mobile phones

We are all well aware, no doubt, that the use of mobile phones whilst driving is illegal, however thousands of users flout this law, many with grave consequences and ...Full Article

New Kodiaq big on luxury – and top value

CARS with stacks of room and lots of luxury don’t need to cost a fortune and I’ve recently sampled a model that fits the bill. Take a bow Skoda. ...Full Article
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