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Frequently asked questions

  Q. My 05 Diesel Focus recently had a new turbo fitted as the old one failed in June. Since then last week the injector seals were replaced as there was a slight leak on injector 1 and 2. Now since Wednesday when I accelerate there is a whooshing noise coming from the turbo. I have had a look ...Full Article

Spanish Driving Licences and Medicals

  Many people who have lived here for a number of years are very loathe to exchange their UK or other foreign licence as they are scared of what ...Full Article

Audi raises roof with super RS 5 Cabriolet

  BRITAIN is one of the top markets in Europe for convertibles which does seem a bit strange when you consider the UK climate. But it’s been a boom ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

  Q. My Peugeot has just failed the ITV with a CO reading between 0.64 and 0.67 but passed on the lambda readings. Does it sound like the CAT ...Full Article

What documents should I have with my car?

  Many people who buy a car whether it be new or second-hand do not know what documents they have or require. The most important are the cars documents ...Full Article

RAV4 ok but it’s nothing to rave about

  TOYOTA’S original RAV4 launch in 1984 kicked off the modern compact SUV market. This Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive was a three-door model quite different to the ...Full Article

The ITV inspection and related terminology

  Generally a new car is fine for four years when it would need to be taken for its first test. Unfortunately many main dealers do not explain this ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

  Q. I have an occasional starting trouble in my Ford Fiesta Mk5. It has the 1.8 D engine and is about 10 years old and done around 110,000km. ...Full Article

Peugeot hatch a hot 208 GTi

  PEUGEOT’S iconic 205 GTi was an instant success when launched in 1984 and was a super little hot hatch. It was so highly rated that the French company ...Full Article

Ford’s small enginemakes a big impact

  WE’RE said to be a canny lot us Scots so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the man behind one of most frugal- engines ...Full Article
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