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Frequently asked questions

  Q. My Vectra has recently started to jump/misfire slightly when changing gear and when accelerating it jumps a couple of times then carries on fine until I change gear again. When accelerating normally it’s as above but if I accelerate harder the engine management light comes on and car slows down but after I turn engine off the ...Full Article

Car or no car?

  There are many many people who have lived on or have visited the island for years on a long term basis who continue to hire a car when ...Full Article

Range Rover is undisputed king of the SUVs

  IF you want the best SUV on the market there is no point looking for anything else other than a Range Rover and if you also want the best ...Full Article

The points system for driving licences

  As the amount of people losing their lives on the roads of the world including Spain has increased substantially, the Spanish Government hoped that the points driving licence ...Full Article

New three-door adds to sporty Leon’s appeal

  You can’t have too much of a good thing – well that’s what I discovered when I sampled the latest SEAT Leon models. I had just enjoyed a ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

  Q. My 05 Diesel Focus recently had a new turbo fitted as the old one failed in June. Since then last week the injector seals were replaced as ...Full Article

Spanish Driving Licences and Medicals

  Many people who have lived here for a number of years are very loathe to exchange their UK or other foreign licence as they are scared of what ...Full Article

Audi raises roof with super RS 5 Cabriolet

  BRITAIN is one of the top markets in Europe for convertibles which does seem a bit strange when you consider the UK climate. But it’s been a boom ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

  Q. My Peugeot has just failed the ITV with a CO reading between 0.64 and 0.67 but passed on the lambda readings. Does it sound like the CAT ...Full Article

What documents should I have with my car?

  Many people who buy a car whether it be new or second-hand do not know what documents they have or require. The most important are the cars documents ...Full Article
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