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Emma & Graham Swain

Medication, how does it affect our driving?

Many medications even over the counter ones have side effects that can affect our ability to drive correctly, as our reactions can be reduced. All medications that could affect driving come with a warning on the box but there are different stages of the categories of medication as the side effects are different they can be anything from tiredness ...Full Article

Poor vehicle maintenance

A recent study has revealed that most drivers fail to check even the most basic parts of their cars and in the majority of the cases wait until the ...Full Article

Turbo’s, what are they and why do they fail?

A turbo makes an engine more efficient and produces more power from even the smallest engines as it forces extra air, and fuel into the combustion chamber, without putting ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have a Renault Scenic, 1.9 DCI, and it has a got a message on the dash board saying check injector and service light is on. The car ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have just been told my MX5 has failed its ITV as the front left brake is sticking. I’m worried that my mechanic should have already spotted this, ...Full Article

Driver’s Licence Codes

You have probably noticed that some driving licences, be it a Spanish, English or from another EU country, there are various different codes. This is an EU ruling that ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. My VW Passat 2002 tdi diesel sport is blowing out blue thick and smelly smoke from the exhaust, it also seems to have lost some power. Any ideas? ...Full Article

Finance and your car

Many people have finance on their cars in the UK and assume that they will be able to get finance here to purchase a car. It is very difficult ...Full Article

Car Servicing

We all know that we should have our cars serviced regularly but most people don’t have them done as often as they should have as “life” just gets in ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. Occasionally the speedometer, on my Focus 1.8 petrol, will abruptly drop to a zero reading while driving along, accompanied by an equally abrupt power loss of perhaps 30%. ...Full Article
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