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Emma & Graham Swain

Cooling systems (Part II)

The cooling system in your car has a lot of essential components. The pump sends the fluid into the engine block, where it makes its way through passages in the engine around the cylinders.Full Article

Cooling systems (Part I)

The engine cooling system is a complex and invaluable part of the car and it is important to ensure that it is in a correct working order at all ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you recommend an inexpensive fault code reader that will work on most popular makes and models?Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. My Ford Focus 1.6tdci 2005 frequently turns over very slowly, and often won’t start, when the engine is hot after driving for 30 minutes or more. Voltage at ...Full Article

Importance of transferring a car from your name

When you sell your car either privately or to a showroom or garage it is vital that you ensure the car is transferred out of your name. There are ...Full Article

Parking in Tenerife

Most people know where they can and cannot park but many choose to ignore signs and road markings that are shown when they are abroad. In Spain it is ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. Would appreciate any advice. I have a 2003 Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol engine with a Sagem (9646988680/s2000A) ECU. The car starts first time and runs ok – except ...Full Article

Tráfico by appointment only

From the 25th of June 2014 Tráfico will only be dealing with their paperwork by prior appointment. With the system being started here and in the Balearics that means ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have a 2006 1.7 cdti Zafira and it’s very sluggish when I pull away or am going up a hill. The turbo cuts in at 2.5 rpm. ...Full Article

What do I have to carry in my car?

There are lots of different things that people say you have to carry in your car. Here we are going to explain what the law states should be carried. ...Full Article
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